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CHECK out our new price schedule!  We have added more pictures to our packages.

Best packages in town!  We are now giving you more detailed pictures than any other facility right from our machine during the exam - not off a CD after your session printed on a computer printer!


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If your baby is not cooperating, we will have you back for FREE!




Great Ultrasound Packages for You

 2D, 3D, and 4D Ultrasound Services

  Are you ready to meet your child? Peek A Belly 3D Inc. provides unique 3D ultrasound services using amazing state-of-the-art technology that lets you to look at your child in real time. We allow you to see your baby's gender and heartbeat, as well as take home your pictures and videos on CD, DVD, or USB drive. Each package includes a "Mommy's Gift Bag".  We provide the best 3D ultrasound Chicago / Joliet area parents can imagine!!

  • If your baby is not cooperating, we will have you come back for free.

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    Packages: All our packages include thermal images right off of our machine as we are scanning you -- instant!  No waiting for images while they are printed off a computer printer on printer paper.  They are the best images for details like they use in the medical industry. 

    2D "First Peek"  –  $45
    Under 15 weeks

    • 5 Minute 2D Ultrasound 
    • 2 Black & White Pictures
    • Listen and/or see the Baby's Heart beat

     This package can be used for pregnancy verification or fetal position.

    15 Weeks "Gender Peek" – $65
    Over 15 weeks

    • 5 - 10 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound
    • Gender Determination
    • 8 Black & White pictures.


    • Cd with 10-20 more images
    • Listen to Baby's Heart beat


    We did over 14,000 gender determinations in the past 4 1/2 years with four errors. That is a 99.95%!  Two errors were not quite 15 weeks when the sessions were done - a little early to do it but did so at request of clients, the third was a hiding twin that we corrected on second visit! Fourth was undescended testicles that even her doctor got it wrong!

    We know that finding out the sex of your baby is very important. If we can not determine the gender of your baby for any reason, you may return again within two weeks for no additional charge. You can return as many times as is necessary for us to determine the gender of your baby.

    Planning on a special Gender Reveal with family & friends?  We will help you in any way we can!  Bring in an empty box and we will put the pink or blue helium balloons inside and seal it to be opened later for $5, or we can put the gender pictures in a sealed envelope to be opened by the bakery at no additional charge to you.  We are always honored to be a part of your special time!   Also Available - Decorated Balloon Box - $25, Gender Pinata - $20,  Gender Balloon Bag - $15




    "Quick Peek"  –  $85
    Over 20 weeks

    •  10-15 Minute 3D/4D Ultrasound
    •  3 Thermal Color Prints
    •  8 Black & White Pictures
    • CD of 10-20 more Still Images 
    • Gender Determination upon Request
    •  Listen to the Baby's Heartbeat


    "Sneak Peek" – $105
    Over 20 weeks

    •  20-25 Minute 3D/4D Ultrasound
    •  4 Thermal Color Prints
    •  10 Black & White Pictures
    •  CD of 10-20 more Still Images
    •  Gender Determination upon Request
    •  Listen to the Baby's Heartbeat


    "Super Peek" – $175
    •  2 Visits - 1st Visit "Gender Peek" & 2nd Visit "Quick Peek",
    •  A Large Heartbeat Teddy Bear on Your First Visit and All Visits Include a CD & DVD of the Entire Session


    If your baby is not cooperating, we will have you come back for free!

    10% Discount for returning customers!


    • DVD - $15  Entire session recorded and set to music
    • Additional copy of CD  - $15
    • Small Heart Beat Teddy Bear - $25
    • Large Heart Beat Teddy Bear/ Animals - $30

          Baby's Heart Beat recorded on an adorable plush animal.



    TWINS - add $25      TRIPLETS - add $40

    Multiples - Because of crowding, we need to scan babies before 30 weeks.






    All Sessions Can Be Performed between 6–36 Weeks:
    • 6-14 Weeks – Peek at the Heartbeat and Movement – 2D Only
    • 15-20 Weeks – Peek at the Sex
    • 20-26 Weeks – Peek at the Movement Causing All That Action
    • 26-36 Week – Peek at What You Newborn Will Look Like

    If your baby is not cooperating - we will have you come back for free!!

    Contact us in Lockport, Illinois,
    at (815) 524-3963 to inquire about our 3D ultrasound services or use this link to schedule on line.